The types of music we should listen to increase our creativity..!

Music has been around with us since centuries in one form or another. It is really hard to tell that when the music was created. Some historian predicted that it has been around from 50000 years. In centuries over centuries, We have become so used to with the music that listening to it has become a part of our lives. It isn’t just a means of entertainment for us, it also became the source of our motivation by encouraging us to be more creative and productive.

There is no doubt that music has an effect on our mood and overall behavior. However, The effects of music on productivity depend on the type of task and music played by the Listener. For example, Energetic songs work well in repetitive tasks while ambient sound helps in a task that requires our attention. There is definitely a certain type of music that worsen our productivity. Some Studies have shown that popular music distracts us in tasks like reading comprehension where we required to pay attention to process the information. Based on these studies, music can definitely have a positive as well as negative effects on our work.

While it’s not possible that one type of music work in all situation, there are definitely certain types of music that work really well while we work. Let’s look at different types of music and how it can affect us.

The Types of Music We Should Listen:

1. Nature Music:

Nature sounds are great for enhancing your cognitive function and concentration. According to research, “Nature sound increase the productivity and positive feelings among the employees when played in the background while working.” Soothing sounds like rainfall work well to increase productivity, while some sounds noises like animal noises can be distracting.

Suggestion for few nature music you might want to try out:

  • Ocean waves and surf

  • Thunderstorm sound

  • Water Fountain

  • Flowing water

  • Rustling leaves

2. Epic Music:

Epic music can make you feel like you’re doing something grandiose to change the world. It empowers us and lifts us up. So if you’re feeling demotivated, uninspired and tired during your work; Plug in some epic music to give you that extra boost of motivation.

3. Classical Music:

Classical Music genre researchers have been always raving about when it comes to increasing our productivity. By one statistic, “classical music can increase our accuracy by 12%”. According to the Mozart Effect, “listening to classical music can enhance our brain activity and improve our health and well-being.” The reasoning behind its popularity is that there aren’t any words.

If you want to add some classical selections to your office playlist, give these a try:

  • Bach Classical Study Playlist

  • Classical Music for studying: Mozart, Beethoven, Bach Study Music Playlist for Better Concentration

  • 6-Hour Mozart Piano Classical Music Studying Playlist: Great Beautiful Long Pieces

  • Vivaldi’s quick-tempo “Four Seasons”

4. Ambient Music:

If you’re feeling stressed out at work, give ambient music a try. According to one research, “Ambient music increase the accuracy by 92% in repetitive tasks like data entry.”

5. Video Game Music:

Surprise, right? But video game music actually helps because the compositions are specially designed to enhance our gaming experience. After all, it’s really important for us to dodge that fire and skillfully maneuver our way through hordes of enemies.

Here are some excellent video game music selections to check out:

  • Battlefield one

  • Final Fantasy 7

  • Halo

  • Assassin’s Creed 2

Other Types of Music:

There are also numerous other types of music that we can listen to during work for example meditation music, blues, or jazz. Experiment around your playlist and see what is working and what isn’t. Soft and mellow music may help us to focus on our work, while a piece of high energy music can keep us motivated during a workout. Experience all these different kinds of music using our(WeHear) the latest bone conduction headphones which can make you aware of the surrounding and simultaneously boost your productivity with the music.

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    This article is a source of inspiration for me, it helps me a lot in sleep problems.
    I also used this Rain Sounds to fall asleep easily.
    Thanks, keep it up!

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