WeHear is a hearing care company originated with the aim of developing the most effective and economical hearing solutions. We successfully developed the hearing-aid solution for hearing impaired in order to empower them and give them the gift of a better life. Currently, we are developing the new age Headphones which provides over the top quality, design, innovation and comfort without damaging our ears. We as a company, believes that the technology advancement is always to help mankind not the other way around.

We at WeHear, are developing the products using the bone conduction technology. In this technology, the sound waves are converted into the vibrations and these vibrations are passed to the cochlea (part of the body which converts vibrations into electrical signals) through our skull. So basically in this technology, you don’t need ears to hear as the whole ear is bypassed in this process, so we are using this technology to develop our top-notch headphone and hearing-aid product.

We have developed the hearing-aid solutions called SenZ using the same bone conduction technology for the people who have hearing impaired. According to ‘WHO’ survey 3.5% of the world population is suffering from hearing impaired or having severe hearing loss. In India approximately around 6 Crore, people have hearing impaired. When we saw a large number of people suffering from this problem, we decided to do something to solve this problem and developed our own hearing-aid solution called SenZ. This solution will work on all the people who are having conductive deafness, and they are 70% of the total deaf people. This solution is going to be very economical that can be affordable to anyone.

At a time, we have noticed that people loved to use their headphone or earphone every time even when they are crossing a road, driving, swimming, jogging etc. But because they can’t listen to background sound, they won’t be able to enjoy their music. Because of this problem, we developed the headphone using bone conduction technology. In this Headphone, we don’t have to plug anything into our ears and still enjoy our music at the same time we can listen to the background sounds. Moreover, We can also share our headphone without being worried about of ear infection.

Our main goal is to provide hearing solutions and products which are top-notch at every aspect but also at the same time have to be economical. We at WeHear, believe that innovation and technology should have to be for all people, not only for some opulent class.

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