WeHear OX


It doesn’t harm your ears as it transmits sound using the bones and bypasses the physical ear. It's safe for longer time usage and it doesn’t damage your physical ears like normal headphones/earphones. Thanks to bone conduction technology.

WeHear OX


You can listen to your music and attend calls without putting anything inside or over your ears. Gives you open ear experience allowing to listen to your surroundings along with media and calls. Great for driving and other situations where you need surrounding awareness.


WeHear Control Center
Control Center

Control Center for your WeHear OX device

WeHear Personalised Experience
Personalised Experience

Personalise your music experience

WeHear PHI
Personal Hearing Intelligence (PHI)

Comes up with the Personal Hearing Intelligence (PHI). It monitors user’s hearing patterns and analyses the data and gives valuable outputs.

WeHear OX Features
OX Features

Includes inbuilt translator, hearing aid mode for people with hearing loss and some other useful features.

WeHear on Google Play Store

WeHear App Coming Soon
WeHear OX Feature App Screen



PHI (Personal Hearing Intelligence) is the smart state of the art algorithm that monitors your hearing patterns and gives you very useful insights for your hearing care.

This algorithm calculates estimated hearing loss age and your current ear age based on your hearing patterns and also gives you personalized hearing care tips and suggestions and provides complete hearing care package powered by machine learning algorithms.

WeHear PHI Score in App


WeHear Health
Health Conscious People

Stop damaging your ears from normal earphones/headphones. Prevent future hearing loss and keep your ears healthy along with your physique Enhances hearing capacity.

WeHear for Sports
Sports and Fitness

No infections due to sweat accumulation. Open ear design allows you to listen your surrounding while workouts and gym. Designed for athletes and sportsperson, can be used in middle of activities

WeHear for cyclist
Cyclist and Riders

Keeps your ears open while riding and ensure your safety on roads. Enjoy your favourite music tracks while biking on your favourite tracks. Avoid accidents and splash proof.

WeHear OX device on stand
WeHear for CXO
CXO & Tele-Intensive Jobs

Gives freedom to people who have be on the call for longer Time for work. Saves from the ear pain and damage due to longer use of phones on ear.

WeHear for Hearing Loss
People with Hearing Loss

Useful for people with any kind of physical ear hearing loss and can be used with tv also. Hearing aid mode in WeHear OX allows to use the device as the hearing aid.

WeHear for Gamers
Kids and Gamers

Protect your kids from hearing loss and ear dam age from early age. Make kids attentive to the surrounding while gaming or being on phone. Best for gaming community.

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See our customers’ reviews

In this world of headphones, it’s very innovative of these people to bring up a technology that protects the ears. As a Doctor, I know how important this technology is. I have seen students who are in their 20s presenting to the OPD with mild to moderate sensorineural deafness due to prolonged usage of routine earphones and headphones. These bone conducting earphones are very well made and designed to give you a wonderful experience without compromising the quality of sound. No ear pain on prolonged usage and no fear of frequent fall of the earphones while using them.
This is the future. Kudos to the entire team. Amazing job 👏

Dr. Aarjav Shah

Healthcare Professional

WeHear OX has changed my lifestyle for good. Being CEO of a startup, I attend almost 6hrs of phone calls a day. It used to create headache. Long calls meant using phone while charging. Juggling between personal calls and professional calls. Since WeHear has come, Mobile is in charging dock keeping me away from radiation as well as connecting 2 devices at a time makes my life easy. A must have for good ear health and increasing work productivity. Thank you WeHear

Raj Shah

CEO, Cosmo Care LLP.

I have been using WeHear OX device for around 2 months, being a professional cyclist and an audiophile this is the perfect device for me. I use it on long cycling trails, it helps me to enjoy music and also keeps me aware of my surrounding while cycling. Love the product, Cheers!

Vinay Shukla

Professional Athlete

Being a techie I always love to try out and tinker with new technologies. I unboxed WeHear OX product fro one of my videos and have been using it for the last 3 weeks. This thing gives an unusual and a new kind of audio experience, I personally loved it and find it very much useful while editing the videos and also find it safe and convenient for longer period usage without worrying about ear-damage.

Sachin Soni

Tech-Youtuber, techiesms

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