WeHear PHI Score App Screen

What is PHI?

Personal hearing intelligence (PHI) is a data analytics algorithm designed to provide the best-personalized hearing assistance based on the user’s day to day hearing patterns. Its state of the art machine learning algorithms calculates your current ear age and estimated hearing loss age based on changes in hearing patterns and also provides user personalized suggestions and tips for health-friendly hearing.

PHI algorithm gives a daily PHI number between -50 to 50 based on the user's hearing pattern data and the final PHI score is the cumulative output of the previous 7 days PHI data. The final PHI data ranges from 0 to 350 based on the hearing patterns. Higher PHI number shows more ear-health friendly hearing patterns.

What data it uses?

PHI algorithm uses the following daily data to determine hearing patterns :

- Minutes used with WeHear OX
- Minutes used with all other devices
- Average audio sessions duration in minutes
- Average audio amplitude of your sessions
- Your surrounding environment noise during the day.

You can also monitor all these data on daily bases with bar-graphs.

This feature requires WeHear App Service to run in the background and needs user's permission to monitor data.

WeHear Daily Data Analysis
WeHear Sound Meter App Screen

Sound Meter

This feature measures the ambient sound levels in your environment using the microphone and duration of exposure. When it detects that the decibel level has risen to a point where hearing could be affected, it can notify you with a tap on WeHear OX device and mobile app both.

Allow constant monitoring and get benefits of realtime noise assistant. (This uses the microphone in the background for 2 seconds each minute just to measure noise each minute). Each minute's data is also used for the PHI Calculation. Importantly it notifies you when your ears are exposed to loud sounds of a certain period of time.

This feature uses the microphone to sample and measure the sound levels in your environment. WeHear OX doesn’t record or save any sounds to measure these levels.

This way PHI provides you complete hearing care package and best assistant for your WeHear OX device. It can help you with changing your daily hearing patterns for better hearing care and avoid early hearing damage.

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